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The most frustrating part of SEO?

Is that it’s an ever-evolving beast of a discipline

The world of SEO is massive, and there’s no shortage of tactics, tools, strategies, apps, gurus, and algorithm updates to follow.

The fact remains that an effective SEO strategy is still one of the best ways to reach your potential new buyers where they are.

The problem?

What constitutes “effective SEO” is a moving target.

In theory, SEO is supposed to be simple.

You create awesome content that people want to engage with, and Google rewards you with great search results.

(Better yet, that great SEO is actually proven to boost your bottom line – according to Moz, the average e-commerce brand can expect $2.75 in ROI per dollar spent on SEO!)

But in practice?

There are plenty of obstacles to running effective SEO campaigns you’ll need to contend with, such as:

  • Competitors creating more and better content! And what’s the point of implementing an SEO strategy if the online content marketplace is oversaturated? 
  • The algorithm is always changing! How are you supposed to rank well in Google when they keep changing the rules halfway through the game?
  • It’s too hard to figure out if this is working! If you can’t measure your SEO efforts, it’s impossible to know whether you’re generating strong performance…or just wasting your money.
  • Not knowing the secret handshake! Even if you’re publishing content, there’s a lot more to SEO that can make or break your online marketing.

It can feel like there’s some kind of Forbidden Knowledge you can’t access, or a Secret Society of SEO Superiority that you haven’t been invited to.

Complicating matters is the fact that while great SEO can increase brand awareness, generate warm leads, and skyrocket your sales…

poor SEO can banish your business to the desolate wasteland at the bottom of Page 20 in the Google results — or even get you blacklisted. (It’s every marketer’s worst fear.)

So what is it that separates the SEO winners from everyone else?  

What are the factors that determine whether or not your SaaS business will see a return on your SEO investment?

The team here at Provectus Digital went and did the legwork to get answers to those questions.

And now, we’re giving you a sneak peek at our findings – for free.


Provectus Digital’s 2022 SEO Trends Report

Because winning the SEO game demands a data-driven playbook.

In this FREE report, you’ll find a breakdown of the data surrounding 2022’s established and emerging SEO trends.

This includes illuminating expert commentary and actionable takeaways.

To prepare this report, we surveyed over 300 marketers and interviewed 10 SEO experts on four topics to determine why some companies see a return on investment from their SEO efforts… and why some don’t.

What’s inside?

  • Search Data’s Role in Marketing Strategy: How your competitors are using search data to further their marketing efforts (and why they’ll run circles around you if you aren’t)
  • Content Creation in the SEO Saturation Era: What companies are doing to make their content stand out – and the single most overlooked opportunity to quickly and easily generate new traffic
  • Do Marketers Understand Search Intent? Why 70% of marketers say intent matters more than keywords – and why it’s important to design an SEO strategy that leverages it
  • What Marketers Say About Investing in SEO and the one key trait that separates marketers who got the results they wanted…from marketers who didn’t

…and a lot more.

Download our full 50+ page report and get the following:

25 statistics on how 300+ companies are handling SEO

11 key takeaways on recent SEO trends

Useful insights from 10 SEO experts

The Future of SEO: Search Data as an Unbiased Source of Truth for Marketing?

300+ companies reveal what they think of search data for marketing and how they are changing their SEO strategies for 2022 and beyond.

63% of all companies analyze their competitors’ strategies for keywords and content.

However, an interesting divergence occurs as companies are broken down by the number of years in business. 

72% of companies in business less than 5 years analyze their competitors, while only 52% of companies in business longer than 20 years do the same. Younger companies appear to be doubling down on SEO and are checking what their competitors are doing with their content.

81% maintained or increased their SEO budget compared to last year.

Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are spending more on SEO every year. An overwhelming majority maintained or increased their SEO budgets for 2022.

Featuring expert commentary from these 10 great SEO minds

Benjamin Golden


Ken Marshall


Sam Makwana

Impressive Digital

Bart Platteeuw

SEO Consultant

Brian Piper

University of Rochester

Andy Crestodina

Orbit Media

Viola Eva

Flow SEO

Mike Murray

Marketing Coach

Andrew Steven

High Voltage SEO

Jase Rodley

Dialed Labs

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