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Where is your SEO strategy failing you?

Want to know where your SEO blind spots are? Need a roadmap to boost your traffic? We can help.

Content marketing and SEO go together like wine and cheese.

Just like wine and cheese, content marketing and SEO each come in all sorts of varieties. There’s no shortage of strategies and tactics that you can use to boost your search rankings or produce stand-out content. Some of them hit the spot, others…not so much.

And just like wine and cheese, content marketing and SEO work best when they’re paired together.

When you’ve got a research-backed SEO strategy paired with engaging and thoughtfully-written content, that’s like a dense, creamy wedge of Swiss gruyère – made with the same recipe since the 1100s – paired with a fruit-forward Pinot Noir straight from the cellars of Alsace.

Whereas when your content marketing and SEO efforts operate in isolation, completely disconnected from each other or from your larger business strategy? Or worse, when you’re pairing black-hat SEO tactics like keyword-stuffing and link-spamming with short, bland, “spun” content with no originality, no voice, and no basis in strategy?

That’s more like cheese-in-a-can meets the $5 grocery store brand wine from your nightmares.

But those kinds of issues are only the most obvious content & SEO problems that can drag down your results. If your content & SEO strategy isn’t intentionally planned and meticulously researched, you could find that you:

  • Don’t target the right keywords – which means you aren’t getting in front of your ideal audience, and therefore your offer will fall flat
  • Don’t create the right types of content – and if you aren’t publishing the right content assets, written in the right way, nobody will care about what your content says
  • Don’t know how to beat your competitors’ keyword rankings – and in the SEO game, showing up on Page 2 of the search results is the same as your business not existing at all
  • Don’t know how to use content and SEO within your larger marketing strategy – and anything that operates in isolation will generate subpar results

But what if you could outwit your competitors, accelerate your revenue growth, boost your web traffic, and win a dedicated audience of raving fans…all with a done-for-you service implemented by SEO experts?

Effective SEO is a process, and that process starts with a comprehensive SEO audit custom-tailored to your business and industry

Custom SEO Audit: Your Roadmap to Doubling Your Inbound Traffic

With an in-depth SEO audit from Provectus Digital, you’ll have everything you need to…

  • Target the right keywords – instead of wasting time chasing keywords that don’t generate ROI
  • Strategically create or update effective content – instead of publishing scattershot posts
  • See how your competitors are ranking – and then beat them at their own game


* Audit prices start at $7,500 and increase depending on the audit’s parameters; your audit price is also influenced by technical factors like the size of your website and the software it runs on.

We will always conduct an initial assessment and give you a FREE, no-obligation, no-surprises price quote before starting work.

Hear what past clients have to say:

Working with Nabeel is a gift. I hired Nabeel and his team to support a huge website migration along with a post-migration technical and SEO audit. At the onset, Nabeel provided a detailed timeline of deliverables and prioritized these deliverables based on the feedback and priorities of my team. With every deliverable, Nabeel went above and beyond. For a deliverable related to blog URL redirects, for instance, Nabeel carefully vetted keyword data and our blog content to come up with a list of thoughtful recommendations.

Nabeel was a detailed and responsive communicator throughout the entire process, often serving as a sounding board for other in-house and external stakeholders–and patiently fielding questions that came up. His efforts were instrumental to our successful migration and I would easily recommend Nabeel’s services to anyone looking for support with website, blog, or SEO related projects.

Brandon Rafalson

Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Bizzabo

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