White Papers

Professional White Paper Writer Boosts Credibility With Your Leads 

Do you often need to explain your solution to your prospects throughout a long sales cycle?

If lead generation, building trust, and moving prospects along your sales cycle are important issues for you, a well-positioned white paper will be of benefit to you, particularly if you’re in a B2B or a technical industry. 

Over 72% of B2B companies say a white paper has been useful in helping them purchase a product or service from another business. Dollar for dollar, white papers are among the most effective tools in B2B marketing.

A white paper writer will be beneficial if your solution is:

☞ Relatively new
☞ Complex
☞ Expensive


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How We Write Professional White Papers

White papers don’t have to be dry. As an experienced white paper writer, we feel that white papers should be interesting to read, yet maintain professionalism with an educational writing style and best white paper writing practices.

We get people to take action, not put them to sleep. 

Using our 3-step process, we attract and nurture target prospects with a professional white paper backed by in-depth research into the problem your company solves.

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Step 1: Discovery

Click “Get Our Help” and fill out our intake form. Next, we reach out to you by email, and gather information from you about your needs for a white paper using a questionnaire.

subject matter research

Step 2: Research

We gather technical information from your company, analyze the problem and your solution, and research your target prospects in detail.

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Step 3: Delivery

We deliver a draft of your white paper and revise as requested. We provide strategic recommendations on how to position your white paper to maximize lead generation.

Generate More Leads and Move Them Along Your Sales Cycles

White papers are best used for generating leads at the “top of the funnel” (TOFU) and building trust with your prospects. If you also have long sales cycles, white papers work great with moving your leads closer to becoming your customers

Prospects who need more in-depth information about their problem, but are not yet ready to buy a solution, will prefer to read an informative white paper. After reading your white paper, your prospects will be better informed, making it easier for them to become your customers after a long sales cycle.

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