Technical Writing

Create Clear and Concise Documentation for Your Products

Do you have high churn? Is your customer support team overloaded with technical questions?

Nothing frustrates a new customer faster than unclear how-to manuals. High churn rates, poor customer retention, and confusion among your customers are symptoms of unclear documentation.

Whether you are selling a WordPress plugin, a new SaaS solution, or a new home sensor that connects to the Internet, you need to show new customers how to use your new product.

Clear documentation that is easy to understand will help you reduce churn and retain loyal customers, to whom you can re-market with up-sells and new product releases.

You may need clearer technical documentation if you:

☞ Are selling technical services that are fairly complex to use
☞ Receive many technical support requests or how-to questions
☞ Suffer from high churn rates and poor customer retention

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How We Write Your Documentation

The truth is people don’t “read the f*cking manual” if they cannot understand it. After spending money on your product, they just want to get right down to using it. Immediately. With that firmly in mind, our goal is full clarity as we write your documentation.

Using our 5-step Provectus Process, we create clear and easy-to-follow documentation your new customers will appreciate.

Step 1: Discovery

Click “Get Our Help” and fill out our intake form. Next, we reach out to you by email, and gather information about your product and how to use it by sending you a questionnaire.

Step 2: Kickoff

We send you a Statement of Work (SOW), a proposal, and agreement for you to sign and execute. We make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.

Step 3: Research

We audit or proofread any existing documentation, follow instructions in using your product, and find any information gaps. We document every step we take in using your product.

Step 4: Delivery

We construct new and concise documentation for your review, and revise as requested. We ensure every section of text is properly proofread, formatted, and as clear as possible.

Step 5: Check-Ins

Provided you track the number of support requests from your customers, we check in once a quarter to inquire about churn and retention rates. 

Reduce Churn and Increase Customer Retention

Technical documentation, including how-to manuals, are best used for SaaS, technical services, and any products that may be complex to use. This provides your customers with strong post-purchase support as to reduce churn and boost customer retention rates.

Make Your Solution Easy to Use With Clear Documentation