Email Marketing

Grow Your List With Engaging Email Sequences

Do people visit your website once and never come back again?

People spend most of their time online in their personal inboxes. As you well know, that’s where the money is. If you don’t have a way to capture email addresses from your website visitors, you are missing huge opportunities to monetize that traffic. You might as well be leaving a pile of Benjamin Franklins on the street. 

Even if you do already have an email sequence, there may be opportunities for other types of money-making sequences if you offer multiple products or services.

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An email marketing campaign allows you to:

☞ Foster brand awareness within your subscribers
☞ Personally deliver your message to a wider audience
Convert more sales than cold website traffic
Segment your list based on their opens and clicks

How We Write Your Email Sequences

Before we write a single word of email copy, we research your target prospect until we understand what truly makes them tick.

We also study the big picture of what you want to accomplish with your campaign, and look at your email sequence within the context of your entire sales funnel. Then we craft subject lines that compel them to open, as well as friendly and conversational email copy that invites them to take action.

Using our 5-step Provectus Process, we create email sequences based on your marketing goals, target audience, and their usage in your sales funnels.

Step 1: Discovery

Click “Get Our Help” and fill out our intake form. Next, we reach out to you by email, and gather information about your email marketing needs using a questionnaire.

Step 2: Kickoff

We send you a Statement of Work (SOW), a proposal, and agreement for you to sign and execute. We make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.

Step 3: Research

We research your target prospects, generate a creative brief, and write subject lines and emails that get opened, read, and acted on (without getting marked as spam).

Step 4: Delivery

We deliver a draft of your email sequence and revise as requested. We provide strategic recommendations on how to use supporting content for your new email sequence.

Step 5: Check-Ins

Provided you track the performance of your email sequence and no further changes have been made, we check in once a quarter to ensure you continue to benefit from it.

How to Use Email Campaigns to Drive Sales

Email sequences are the single best tool to monetize cold traffic while creating relationships with your customers. There are few things more powerful at moving people through your entire sales funnel than email.

Your blog articles and resource content should also be used in synergy with your email campaigns. Linking to interesting articles, informative white papers, and engaging case studies via email provides value to your subscribers while bringing them closer to a buying decision in your favor.

Use Email to Turn Missed Opportunities Into Instant Revenue