Content Checkup

With a 6-Month Content Strategy Report

With many businesses struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, are you experiencing the following symptoms?

📉 Decreasing engagement

📉 Unresponsive leads

📉 Low conversion rates

📉 Falling sales revenue

Yes? Consider getting a Content Checkup on your blog, website, and social media.

Content Checkup

Custom Strategy Report Included

It is now as important as ever to refine your messaging through the content you publish. The content you put out in the next 6 months WILL decide the path of your company’s success and fate. So I wanted to reach out and offer help.

Just a one-time fee. No pre-conditions. No commitments.

With my Content Checkup, I will pretend to be your dream customer and evaluate your content from that point of view:

Step 1: Checkup

I’ll read through all of your blog posts, web page copy, resources, lead magnets, and social media feeds.

Step 2: Diagnosis

I will dive into what is absent from your website, how the message is missing the mark, and where untapped opportunities might lie.

Step 3: Treatment

I’ll create a Custom Strategy Report that shows you exactly what kind of content to create for the next 6 months to:

    • 1. Plan your conversational content strategy for blog and social media
    • 2. Inspire people using your content as conversation pieces
    • 3. Develop trustworthy relationships that may lead to new business

The report will provide a clear and easy to understand breakdown of the following:

Nabeel and his team created a Content Checkup report for my company, to assess the quality and strategy our content. His report was incredible, way more detailed than I expected and had a lot of actionable guidance on what I needed to change. Very customer-centric recommendations which is definitely going to results in a position ROI for my company.
Neel Parekh

Founder and CEO, MaidThis

Once you get this report, you’ll have all the tools you need to create your content strategy for the next 6 months.

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