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Our Case Study Writer Is Ready to Tell Engaging Stories that Boost Sales

Are you already getting interested leads, but not turning them into customers?

If sales conversions in the latter stages of your customer acquisition pipeline are lagging, there are ways to make immediate gains in revenue while shortening your sales cycle. One way to do that is telling stories through case studies.

By showing how you helped others with the same problem your prospects are having, case studies are excellent ways to convert interested prospects into actual customers. These are among the most powerful testimonials and social proof you can use.

A case study writer will be able to help if you:

☞ Target a very specific market or niche
☞ Are positioning your brand as an authority
☞ Need to show social proof and testimonials

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How We Write Your Case Studies

We don’t believe in creating formulaic and boring case studies. We believe in telling stories. Although our case studies will follow a problem-solution-results structure, we weave it into an engaging story your best-qualified prospects will love to read.

Using our 3-step process, we research how to engage target prospects on the fence about buying from you.

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Step 1: Discovery

Click “Get Our Help” and fill out our intake form. Next, we reach out to you by email, and gather information from you about your needs for a case study using a questionnaire.
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Step 2: Research

We audit your existing marketing collateral, research your target prospects in detail, and conduct interviews with your existing customers (with your permission).
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Step 3: Delivery

We deliver a draft of your case study and revise as requested. We provide strategic recommendations on how to position your case study to maximize conversions.

How to Use Case Studies to Get Results

Case studies are best used for converting prospects at the “bottom of the funnel” (BOFU) into customers.

Prospects who understand their problem well and know what solution they need are already prepared to buy, but haven’t decided who to buy from. Case studies give the credibility and proof your prospects are looking for, serving as a catalyst for them to buy the solution they need from your company.

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