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Where is your SEO strategy failing you?

Want to know where your SEO blind spots are? Need a roadmap to boost your traffic? We can help.

Custom SEO Audit: Your Roadmap to Doubling Your Inbound Traffic

With an in-depth SEO audit from Provectus Digital, you’ll have everything you need to…

  • Target the right keywords – instead of wasting time chasing keywords that don’t generate ROI
  • Strategically create or update effective content – instead of publishing scattershot posts
  • See how your competitors are ranking – and then beat them at their own game


Hear what past clients have to say:

Working with Nabeel is a gift. I hired Nabeel and his team to support a huge website migration along with a post-migration technical and SEO audit. At the onset, Nabeel provided a detailed timeline of deliverables and prioritized these deliverables based on the feedback and priorities of my team. With every deliverable, Nabeel went above and beyond. For a deliverable related to blog URL redirects, for instance, Nabeel carefully vetted keyword data and our blog content to come up with a list of thoughtful recommendations.

Nabeel was a detailed and responsive communicator throughout the entire process, often serving as a sounding board for other in-house and external stakeholders–and patiently fielding questions that came up. His efforts were instrumental to our successful migration and I would easily recommend Nabeel’s services to anyone looking for support with website, blog, or SEO related projects.

Brandon Rafalson

Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Bizzabo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me get to Page 1 of Google?

Yes and no. There are a lot of different factors that go into effective SEO, not all of which are within an SEO agency’s control – and Google is always tweaking their algorithm. So that means we cannot promise that our work will get you to the top of the Google search engine results.

While we can’t guarantee any particular result – nor can any other SEO agency – what we can do is recommend a number of short-term tactical steps and long-term SEO best practices that can help optimize your website and content over time. If you implement these recommendations, your website will be in a much better position to capture more organic traffic.

“I’ve already done an SEO audit before, and it was a complete waste of time and money. How is this any different?”

Most SEO audits are surface-level assessments that consultants use as a low-priced offer for generating new leads. If you did a low-cost SEO audit with a consultant or agency, chances are, they were simply trying to get you in their door to upsell you additional services.

At Provectus Digital, our SEO audits – and the resulting recommendations – are built on careful data analysis of the search intent and behavior of your target customers, in-depth competitor research, and robust assessment on how your content is performing based on the keywords you’ve chosen to target.

A Provectus Digital SEO audit is a full-sized project in its own right, not just a cheap carrot to win business. We delve deeper than our competitors, which is why our audits render useful, actionable recommendations.

Someone recommended to me that I should do an SEO audit because that’s what people do. Can you help with that

If you’re simply looking to check a box, we aren’t the agency for you. Our comprehensive SEO audits are custom-tailored to your specific business strategy, competitors, market, and long-term vision. That’s why we aren’t the cheapest option on the market. Our SEO audits are meant to help you reach your business goals.

We recommend that before you invest money in an SEO audit with us, you take some time to consider your business objectives and how you want your SEO strategy to feed into your larger business strategy. Better yet, take a look at our FREE 2022 SEO Trends Report to learn more about the value of SEO.

Why should I spend money on an SEO audit? Why not just create content? ‘If you build it, they will come’ and whatnot, right?

Content creation is an effective means of generating leads and boosting your SEO.

But if you start creating content without a plan, you’ll quickly find that scattershot efforts generate scattershot results.

Consider this: You can’t fly a plane without a flight plan; otherwise you’re quite literally flying blind.

Content creation and SEO operate on the same principle. The SEO audit is the equivalent of your flight plan – it provides you with the keyword data, competitor research, and content strategy insights you need to create effective content assets that get you to your destination. Without an SEO audit, your content efforts will lead you off in random directions – or worse, in circles.

Investing money in an SEO audit is the best way to prepare your organization for a high-impact content marketing campaign. With an SEO audit, you’ll have a flight plan that can inform your future content efforts and help generate results.

Simply put, an SEO audit is an investment in your business’s future success.

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