We Have Answers to Your Burning Questions

Our Scope
What is NOT included in your services?

While we can help you with your high-quality copywriting and content creation, there are many factors that are beyond our direct control. For transparency’s sake, I will be honest about what we cannot do:

  • We cannot help you get backlinks.
  • We cannot promote your content on media sites on your behalf.
  • We cannot manage or run your social media advertising campaigns.
  • We cannot promise to help you rank on the first page of Google.
  • We cannot handle any technical or software aspect of your funnel.
  • We cannot guarantee how your content or copy performs in terms of how many leads or customers you get.

If you need help with design, SEO, creating funnels, and ad campaigns, we have partners who are ready to step in and assist you. Contact me to get a referral.

What is the difference between a “blog post” and a “thought-leadership article”?

Thought-leadership articles cover a specific topic more in depth and at more length than a blog post, and are generally backed by extensive research.

I write both blog posts and thought-leadership articles to clearly convey what needs to be said, regardless of the length. Unlike other writers who inflate their word counts to make more money, we write as concisely as possible. For this reason, our pricing is not based on article length or word count in any way, shape, or form.

However, if you must insist on knowing the word counts, blog posts are generally between 400 and 800 words. A thought-leadership article is generally between 1,000 to 2,000 words.

How much do you charge for a single landing page?

I’ll answer this question with a question:

How long is a piece of string?

In other words, it depends. Some landing pages can be very short (e.g. squeeze pages). Others can be very long sales pages. However, the length of a landing page is not the only factor in how much we charge. It also depends on the value we bring to your sales process through the power of the written word.

This is why we ask you to fill out our intake form and a discovery questionnaire (we’ll email it to you afterward). Once we fully understand your needs, we can send you a custom quote.

Do you do any SEO work?

We only do SEO copywriting, on-page SEO strategies, and keyword research in certain packages such as the Content Strategy Package.

However, we do not provide any backlinking or off-page SEO services. We do have a partner agency with SEO experts that specialize in this. They are in a better position to help you gain the rankings you desire.

Do you do any website services?


As of January 1, 2019, we have ceased to do any website setup, hosting, or design services. We only provide content marketing and copywriting services. However, one of our partners can assist you with your website needs.

Do you do infographics, videos, or any graphic design?


We are not a design agency, so these are not part of my services beyond selecting stock images from Pexel or Pixabay.

If you want a turnkey project with both writing and design, we are partners with an extremely talented designer who we are more than happy to introduce you. We have even teamed up for the same projects before! Every client we know has fallen in love with her breathtaking creatives.

Do you manage social media ad campaigns on my behalf?


We do not manage social media advertising campaigns for you. While we do write social media ad copy for you, you are responsible for managing your own campaigns. Please see our Copywriting Services page and fill out our intake form or request a free email consultation to discuss your specific needs.

If you need an agency to manage your PPC campaigns, we have a partner who can do this for you.

Our Process
How do you usually work? What is the process?

We have a well established and clearly defined 5-step process to help you get the best value from us.

Visit the Our Process page for more details.

Can we hop on a call to discuss?

We’d be very happy to discuss your project. Under most circumstances, many agencies would allow you to book a “strategy call” before committing to an agreement. However, Nabeel is deaf and therefore cannot communicate over the phone. So we will do things a little bit differently.

While our business model does not support phone calls, we do offer alternative collaboration tools that do an excellent job in lieu of a phone call.

First, please fill out our intake form and we’ll get to know each other over email.

Second, if, during our email exchange, we find each other a potentially good fit, I will send you a more in-depth questionnaire for you to fill out. This detailed questionnaire will give us more information about your company, your objectives, and about your target market. The more information you provide, the better we can help you get a return on your investment many times over what you would pay.

Third, if you prefer to have a chat in real-time, we can do so over Skype, Zoom, Telegram, and any other collaboration tool that includes a text chat messaging feature. However, we require you to fill out the intake form and the detailed questionnaire before we can schedule a chat, if necessary.

Although some of our clients have never worked with a deaf person before, you may rest assured this has never been an issue.

Can you send me your writing samples?

We have some writing samples in our online portfolio.

However, if you wish, we can send you a curated short list of relevant samples. Please fill out our brief intake form first, so we can learn a little about your business, and we’d be in a better position to send you a list of samples that are most relevant to you.

In some cases, our samples may not be a perfect fit for what you are looking for. However, our copywriting and content creation skills are 100% transferable to your industry, product, or market. All forms of content creation and copywriting have common denominators across all verticals. With a strong brand voice, we provide value for your audience, engage your readers, and create a sense of authority through the power of the written word.

Keep in mind certain samples cannot be shared due to existing non-disclosure and/or confidentiality agreements with our current clients.

So what’s the deal with this 7-day rule for revisions?

At Provectus Digital, we have a rule that limits the grace period for revisions without extra charge. For most content pieces, such as articles, landing pages, and case studies, the revision period is limited to seven (7) days starting from our submission of the initial draft. All revisions within those 7 days will be without extra charge. Beyond 7 days, we will charge extra fees for any additional revision requests.

I enforce this rule because it ensures that our agency meets all deadlines for all of our customers, including time-sensitive articles. We have other clients to whom we must deliver our creatives under tight deadlines, and we will not wait too long for a revision request after submitting a first draft.

Again, there will be two revisions per piece of content. But please request these edits within 7 days of receiving the piece. If you wait past 7 days to request a revision, I will charge extra fees for those edits, whether or not you have already paid the remaining balance on the invoice. Exceptions to this rule are made for long-form content such as ebooks, long-form sales letters, and white papers. In these cases, the revision grace period would be extended to 30 days.

However, if you need more time on edits without getting charged additional fees, you can ask for an extension. Being a reasonable person, I usually give an extra week if asked.

Our Terms
What are your rates?

We have a big answer to such a seemingly simple question. Until you fill out our brief intake form and the discovery questionnaire (we’ll email it to you afterward), we cannot say with any certainty how much investment your project will require in order to succeed. 

However, we do provide price ranges and “starting at” pricing. For more information, please read our recent blog post on how much content marketing and copywriting costs.

Keep in mind that we are a premier content creation and copywriting agency. We only work with businesses that are prepared to willingly invest in marketing. Our ideal clients will have at least $5 million in annual revenue OR are passionate startups that have already secured at least $1 million in venture capital funding.

How do I pay you?

Online Invoicing:

You will receive an invoice online via email, which makes it very easy for you to make your payments. I accept payments via debit, electronic ACH transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. I do not accept checks by mail. If you use, you may process my invoices through using the email address ‘[email protected]’.

Monthly Retainers:

If we use a retainer, we bill monthly over a pre-agreed term, anywhere from 1 month to 12 months and beyond. For such agreements, invoices are due on the same date each month from the date our agreement goes into effect, with the first invoice being due upfront. If you wish, you may automate your monthly payments until we terminate our agreement.

One-time Project Fees:

For projects that do not require ongoing monthly retainers, we will charge one-time project fees. We do require an upfront deposit to start work. The payment plan for one-time projects depends on the length and complexity of the project. For projects with a remaining balance due, the balance will be due upon completion of the initial draft. Revision rules also apply upon receipt of the initial draft.

Late fees:

I begin charging 2% per month in late fees once an invoice is 30 days past its due date.

Net terms:

Contracts with net 30 terms can only be executed with a long-term agreement of 6 months or longer. Contracts with net 60 or net 90 terms will not be accepted.


As of January 1, 2019, I am no longer accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrency as payments.

Are you willing to sign an NDA?

Yes, we sign NDAs.

If you are concerned about sending sensitive information to an external vendor, rest assured that we sign NDAs and keep your information airtight like Fort Knox. However, please note that we will only sign NDAs for long-term ongoing engagements.

Can you supply a Form W-9 as part of our onboarding process?


If you are a company based in the U.S. and require a completed Form W-9 from me, just let us know and we will be happy to send you one.

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