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Creating Landing Pages: Why You Should Be Careful With LeadPages or Click Funnels

by | Feb 11, 2020

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March 2, 2010 Update: Lead Pages has been acquired by Redbrick

Thinking you will save money using an external service for creating your sales funnel?

Think again.

Here are three reasons why it is preferable to keep as much control over your sales process as possible.

1. Their Software May Change and Something Will Break

The two essential elements of any business are 1) how offering is structured, and 2) how that offer is sold. As the business owner, you want to stay in full control of both.

If you use a service like Clickfunnels or Lead Pages, you hand over your sales funnel to someone who might not have the same interests as you.

If your funnel is converting well, change is a bad thing. It may mess with your return on investment by increasing costs or decreasing revenue. For example, a small change in the interface may increase the time you are spending on maintaining the funnel. Every entrepreneur knows that you should never change a winning team.

There is no valid reason to hand control of your sales funnel to a company that won’t take your own definition of “winning” into account.

Plus, good luck trying to ask these services to undo an update that negatively affected your sales. Their interests do not align with yours. They have thousands of customers. However, if something breaks due to an update, they might be willing to fix it. But if your own sales plummet, they probably won’t care.

If you own your own funnel, you can focus on making money for yourself. Creating a funnel is easier than you think and it saves you money in the long term. If you know how you built your own funnel, and something breaks, you’d know exactly how to fix it… and you never have to worry about an external party messing up your bottom line just because it improves their own.

2. You Place Your Reputation in Their Hands

Let’s say you use their email autoresponders and some of their other customers ran particularly bad campaigns. Large email providers will resort marking every email from that domain as “promotion” or “spam.”

So if some other marketers mess up their autoresponders by doing un-targeted email blasts and getting marked as spam, many of your emails from your well-designed campaign won’t even make it to your prospects’ inboxes.

The same goes for how search engines rank your pages. If your service of choice loses it’s top ranking or gets penalized, you will too. That’s not what you want. When you own your funnel, your business is immune to the mistakes of others.

3. Getting Rid of Them is Costly and Tedious

If you host your own sales funnel, the sky’s the limit. Services have their limitations. You are not likely to run into these when starting your business. But as you become more successful, you will eventually run into those limits. You’d either pay more, cancel that service, or change providers.

Moving all your work will be difficult and costly. That’s intentional. These services are designed to make it hard for you to leave or change providers.

For example, if you leave Leadpages, you have to change every link you ever posted to your new funnel. If you don’t, you lose out on sales because prospects can’t find your landing pages.

Even worse, is that its will be harder to find your business at all. Your search engine rankings will go down because your pages will contain broken links.

All it takes is one leak in the bucket to lose all your water.

If you do decide to join one of these services, be aware that you’ll be on your own once you unsubscribe. Their helpdesk will not be very helpful if you are no longer their customer. However, you can prepare by hiring an external specialist to make sure the transition goes smoothly, but that’s yet another expense.


It may seem like a good deal to spend $400-1,000 on a subscription service that promises to save you time.

But as you can see, you expose yourself to many long-term risks, one of which is excessive reliance on a single platform for the majority of your sales revenue.

We recommend to always keep ownership of your funnel, just as you would not give away ownership of your product or service.