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Google Can Impact Your Business by Lowering Your Web Page Ranking

by | Apr 28, 2020

google rankings affect your business
Search engines can destroy your organic traffic by lowering your ranking or removing your site from their search engine results. I’ll show you why this happens and how to prevent this, plus several strategies to make money despite low search rankings.

Google Can Do Whatever it Wants 

Google holds power over everyone who uses it. An unfavorable update can destroy your profits.

If this happens there is very little you can do. Even if you make positive changes, it will take a long time for your ranking to improve. Who knows what can happen in the meantime.

Therefore, it is better to make a plan before this ever happens. Before I tell you how to make this plan, let’s look at two businesses that were hit disproportionately hard by recent updates.

What Businesses Were Targeted and How They Were Affected (Before and After)

On the 14th of June, the head of SEO of the Daily Mail posted a shocking message in Google’s support forums. His website lost half of its organic traffic after Google updated their search engine algorithm.

What does this mean? It basically means that less people can find his site and his ongoing revenues will go down. It also will be not as interesting or lucrative for advertisers to buy ad space on his site. Retaining existing readers now becomes more important, as well as finding new ways to reach new audiences.

Another example is This website provides advice about nutrition science and supplements. They saw their traffic reduced by 90% from what it was before Google’s July 2019 update. Since they sell ebooks, and used to get a lot of traffic from people looking for answers to diet related questions, their revenue will go down sharply unless they quickly implement the strategies I mention in this article.

And in November 2019, there was yet another algorithm update that sent shockwaves through the online business world.

Why Is Google Doing This?

google algorithm updates

Nobody knows.

Google is a private business and does not divulge its secrets to an industry eager to do anything to manipulate its search algorithms. Anyone declaring they know the true reasons behind the search giants policies is trying to sell you something.

The way I see it, there are two possible reasons. The first is that Google is trying to optimize the user experience by improving the relevancy of search results. The result is that pages full of useless fluff previously overrated by its algorithm would drop in their rankings.

However, it is unlikely that the Daily Mail and are so terrible that they deserve to lose 50% to 90% of their traffic, respectively. You would expect a less dramatic drop for sites that have been around for years and have already proven their value in the market.

The other possible reason is that Google has an agenda when it comes to which information their users see. I will not speculate what that agenda is (or if it even exists) as others have already done. Google tend to lower the ranking of websites that provide nutrition advice while leaving others untouched. Whether they did this intentionally, we’ll never know.

How You can Protect Your Business from Google’s Changes

google search rankings

Do not solely rely on Google. Use several channels to get leads. Diversify.

If one of those channels decides to lower your ranking, you won’t be impacted as much.

Use word of mouth to spread your message. Create content that is so good that people will show it to others in their network. This is the one thing that search engines can’t touch.

Be ready to adapt. When a Google update comes out and your website is affected by it, have several marketers on standby to make necessary changes. When I create a marketing strategy for a new client, I make sure it is a strategy that can easily be adapted according to the new reality when Google’s next update hits.

Build relationships with your visitors. If people briefly visit your site and then leave, you missed out on a great opportunity. It is preferable to focus on retaining the people who found your website than to constantly chase new ones.

If you want to get started on your “Google-proof” content strategy, grab your free content blueprint below!