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The Five Best Content Marketing Agencies Going Into 2020

by | Dec 23, 2019

five best content marketing agencies

There is no question that the demand for content marketing is higher as it’s ever been, and will continue to balloon into 2020s.

At the same time, though, the “content boom” brought so many options for content marketing—digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies, PR firms, PPC ad agencies, and an endless source of freelancers.

The sheer number of choices can be bewildering. And I haven’t even mentioned those cold “pitches” blowing up your email inboxes if you’re a marketing executive.

Given the crazy times we live in, let’s try to make things a little easier for you.

I put together a roundup of the five best content marketing agencies that are absolutely killing it going into 2020. You may even notice that each agency has their own flavor or “special sauce”, which might help you choose the best fit for your unique needs.

Note: These companies are not listed in any particular order or ranking.

1. Content Refined

content refined one of the five best content marketing agencies

One thing you can say for sure about Content Refined, an agency who specializes in creating quality content that ranks well on search engines:

They get results.

Their co-founder, Maddie Taylor, has already gotten content marketing down to a science. Her methods are so effective that many businesses have taken notice—and are flocking to her agency to get content marketing off their plates. One thing Maddie emphasizes the most is that it’s the quality and depth (as opposed to just skimming the surface of a topic) that get articles to rank well on search engines.

The Content Refined team uses a special data analysis tool to help writers get related topic ideas for a particular keyword, allowing them to research a topic thoroughly. They also get ratings on each article that helps them compare an article against others on the same topic. Using a helpful tool like this, the Content Refined team could create high-quality articles covering a topic more in-depth than the competition.

The interesting part is when asked how Content Refined got started, Maddie said it was purely by accident. She said: “We were working on my business partner’s content strategy for his portfolio of websites, and it was so good that we decided to launch [the same process] as a business!”

One specific area where Content Refined excels at is Amazon Affiliate content, where their strategy is most effective for businesses who want to rank for product-related content.

2. Infinite Upcycle

infinite upcycle one of the five best content marketing agencies

One time I came across Infinite Upcycle, which is a content marketing agency with a unique twist to their services. Infinite Upcycle calls itself “The Content Amplification Agency”, meaning if you already have some content or some topic ideas, they can “amplify” it to extend your reach by orders of magnitude.

They take a piece of content (e.g. a blog post)—whether created by yourself or by them—and repurpose it into a whole bunch of social media posts, creatives, infographics, and long-form articles. Meanwhile, they embark on a full SEO outreach campaign (totally white-hat) to get backlinks for every article they write for you.

I asked the founder of Infinite Upcycle, Ray Blakney, how he came up with this idea. Over the past 12 years, he built multiple online businesses, some of which grew beyond the 7-figure mark. Given his track record, he must have been doing something right. His “secret” was that he developed an internal system to integrate his content marketing efforts with both social media and SEO—and continuously tweaked it to get better results.

It wasn’t until he was invited to speak at a conference when, to his surprise, he discovered the high demand for his content process. Dozens of attendees even asked him if he could do it for them. That was when Infinite Upcycle, The Content Amplification Agency, was born.

Ray explains the best part:

“With Infinite Upcycle, businesses can stop worrying about their online presence. Our team takes care of everything. Our online promotion cycle includes content pre-vetting, article creation, creatives/images, social media posting, hashtag research, link building all within one system.”

Now who wouldn’t want such a service that helps free up so much time to actually focus on their core business?

3. Taksu Digital

taksu digital among the five best content marketing agencies

Taksu Digital is a lean digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, a vital part of the content marketing equation. Businesses are attracted to SEO services because getting content ranked on the most popular search engines is the best way to get organic exposure. However, proper SEO can involve some complex and technical work, where Taksu has you covered.

Bart Platteeuw, the Digital Strategist at Taksu Digital, spends much of his time staying up to date on the latest SEO trends to help his clients maintain their top positions in their search engine rankings despite the sweeping algorithm changes Google has made in recent months.

Taksu Digital is not just an SEO agency. Their team also comes up with a content strategy by first zooming out and gathering a “big picture” of what is already out there in your specific industry, and then zooming back in by creating a detailed analysis about which angles work better for getting ranked by the search engines. Armed with some content ideas and competitive intel, Taksu involves your business in the content creation process.

Bart adds that they “make a real effort to understand the client’s business model, pain points and customers. We determine the best way content can make a difference and also which content types and channels work best for the specific client. Therefore, we take a tailored approach for every client and situation, and we are very transparent about our processes.”

With content being everywhere—and not just blog posts, but also with social media and email marketing—a full-service digital marketing agency like Taksu Digital provides the expertise many businesses need to increase their online presence and drive more traffic to their website.

4. Influence & Co.

influence & co. among five best content marketing agencies

I heard about Influence & Co., a full-service content agency with a speciality in public relations, because a friend raved about them as the “best content marketing agency” he had ever worked with.

Indeed, their website looks professional and offers a really detailed yet easy to read content marketing guide on their front page (grab it if you can!). Headquartered in Missouri, Influence & Co. already has an impressive track record, having been recognized by the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Influence & Co. “turns content marketing into a forward-thinking version of PR.”

Just when the content boom was getting going in the early 2010s, quite a few businesses were having negative experiences with PR firms. According to Cherish Grimm, the VP of Influence & Co., these businesses needed to craft and distribute their messages to communicate in a way that provides value to their readers, so the more traditional PR approaches were becoming less effective over time. On the other hand, content marketing agencies like Influence & Co. were finding ways to ignite much-needed engagement between businesses and their audiences.

As Cherish Grimm further explains, “within our proprietary software, ICo Core, we have a separate ‘knowledge bank’ for each client where we store and organize all sorts of data, quotes, and stories that we’ve gathered over time. We can easily access that information down the road to make content creation easier on clients.”

Influence & Co.‘s approach to content marketing is unique because they use their clients’ own thoughts, ideas, words, insights, and experiences to help them tailor their content to a specific publication in a way that actually engages its readers.

5. The Story Engine

For the smaller business or entrepreneur who is most likely short on time for writing blog posts, Kyle Gray lays out a clear process for creating content (or hiring a team to do so). He even wrote a book about it, which I’ve personally read myself.

The origin of Gray’s digital marketing agency, The Story Engine, has an inspiring history, which started with Gray working for another small business. His job was to create content for that business.

After much trial and error, he finally honed in on a replicable process that enabled hundreds of other entrepreneurs and small businesses to jumpstart their content marketing backed by a coherent strategy.

Today, The Story Engine specializes in storytelling. They help small businesses, including solopreneurs, influencers, and coaches, tell their story in a way that enhances their brand and attracts their ideal audiences. If you are looking for a way to tell a story that accentuates your brand, but don’t have the time to write it yourself, The Story Engine should definitely be among the resources to consider.

A Final Word

Whichever agency you end up choosing, you can’t go wrong with making the decision that your business needs a coherent content strategy with a clearly-defined purpose.

It is also essential to get the buy-in from all teams within your company to ensure that your content messaging stays coordinated, organized, and resonates with your audience.