SEO Case Studies

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Client Case Studies

Case #1: 86% Increase in Organic Traffic in 3 Months

The Challenge:

Their site had thousands of articles, many of which are targeting the same set of keywords, going back several years. Instead of publishing new articles to go after bottom-of-the-barrel keywords, they wanted to update old content that had already performed well in the past but lost traffic in recent months. They asked us to find and prioritize a number of pages of content to update, refresh, and optimize.

How We Helped:

Starting in December 2020, we selected 100 articles that had been losing traffic over time to be updated with new content and other on-page SEO optimizations. On top of that, we also recommended pruning, merging and redirecting hundreds of low-traffic articles to better-performing articles. During our content updates over the next year, we made the set of 100 articles more evergreen, engaging, and informative as well as optimized according to best SEO practices today.

The Results:

✅ Overall aggregate traffic of these 100 pages increased by 86% in 3 months

✅ Overall clicks increased by 75%

✅ Got content to rank in the top 3 on page 1 for thousands of keywords

✅ Tripled the CTR for several keywords (3% to 10.2%, page rank to #1)

Case #2: Organic Traffic Up 2.2x in 6 Months

The Challenge:

In another large content site with tens of thousands of pages and posts ranking for thousands of keywords, they wanted to prioritize content targeting the highest search volume and optimize posts targeting long-tail keywords. They also wanted to optimize the technical aspects of their site to improve their Core Web Vital scores to keep their content competitive with major high-authority sites.

How We Helped:

We started with an audit to find technical optimization opportunities and answered questions with unlimited email consulting support. Together, we pruned 170 articles, merged 60, and helped guide content updates on over 100 articles based on our analyses on keywords, competitor content, and traffic trends. We also optimized meta titles and descriptions on over 3,000 pages and blog posts. Finally, we made strategic recommendations to improve website structure and internal linking, and when those were implemented, we saw improved CWV scores across the board.

The Results:

✅ Increased average organic traffic from an average of 40k visits to over 88k.

✅ Got content to rank in the top 3 for over 1,000 keywords, and

✅ Over 5,000 keywords on the first page of Google.

Case #3: 50% Increase in Traffic After Blog Migration

The Challenge:

The company needed to undergo a huge website migration and conduct a post-migration SEO audit to ensure that everything went smoothly.

How We Helped:

We assisted them with the migration where we pruned over 250 articles, fixed three thousand broken links that led to 404s, freeing up their crawl budget and increasing their ranking signal in the eyes of Google.

For each blog URL redirect, we vetted keyword data and existing blog content to come up with strategic recommendations on whether to merge existing content, prune old blog posts, and update articles with on-page SEO optimization and content refreshes.

The Results:

✅ 50% increase in traffic 1 month post migration compared to 2 months prior

✅ Referring domains increased to 18k, a 7k increase year over year.

✅ 25% increase in clicks