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Nabeel Keblawi

CEO and Founder

Being a former software developer with a background in IT services, clean energy, and blockchain technology, he has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible language for lay people, helping companies close multi-billion dollar B2B deals using the power of the written word.

Nick Vasco

Content Writer and Consultant

A self-educated writer with previous experience in corporate finance, Nick Vasco’s primary concern is helping each client put their best foot forward. His content is engaging and informative, encouraging prospects to take action. As an avid reader, Nick is always finding ways to improve as a writer and consultant.

Martin Lane

Digital Marketer and Demand Generator

Born in Amsterdam and raised in a bilingual household, Martin Lane discovered his love for language early on. He completed a degree in communication science and started his career as a journalist. Nowadays he specializes in digital marketing and demand generation.

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