About Provectus Digital

“Sales is the Lifeblood of Every Business”

We attract. We engage. We convert.

Who We Are

Provectus Digital is an agency that uses the power of the written word to help your business grow using sales copy and engaging content that converts traffic into leads, interested prospects, and loyal customers. 

The following are key challenges that indicate it’s time to start talking with Provectus Digital about bringing your business to the next level:

  • Insufficient lead generation
  • Lack of audience engagement
  • Ineffective marketing
  • Unclear content strategy
  • Low conversion rates
  • Inconsistent funnel performance
  • Long sales cycles leading to cash flow issues

We are a content creation and copywriting agency that uses the power of the written word to drive your sales. Our specialities are in Content Marketing and Strategy, Resource Content Creation, and Sales Copywriting.

Using our 5-step Provectus Process, we deliver top-quality content that attracts and engages your target prospects, and write compelling copy to convert these prospects into loyal customers, further propelling your growth.

We work with forward-leaning companies from passionate startups to mid-market B2B companies ($10-100 million) to popular industry magazines in industries within our area of expertise.

Meet the CEO and Founder of Provectus Digital:
Nabeel Keblawi

Being a former software developer with a background in IT services, clean energy, and blockchain technology, he has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible language for lay people, helping companies close multi-billion dollar B2B deals using the power of the written word.

Tell us what you need to accomplish and we’ll take care of the rest.

Areas of Expertise

Where we speak the same language.


We keep a close eye on evolving B2B technologies and platforms that help businesses grow. Our expertise in manufacturing and supply chain logistics will be useful for your growth strategy.


As a former software developer for desktop, web, and mobile apps, my inside view on SaaS, enterprise software and platform technologies gives you an edge when marketing to these industries.


As someone with expertise into blockchain technology, machine learning, AI, and IoT, I bridge the marketing gap between blockchain technology and your target market, realizing the untapped potential of your use case.


We are in an era where people crave more knowledge about what's going on with their bodies. They are looking for information sources they can connect with and trust with their lives. We help you be that.


With expertise in Fintech, digital banking, along with our in-depth understanding of KYC and AML regulations, we help you build awareness and trust with your customer base using educational content.


Not only we can help you get some quick wins by optimizing your conversion copy in your eCommerce stores, but we also offer content marketing strategies to develop an engaged fan base for your business.

Our Clients

Our Partners

At Provectus Digital, we believe in delivering work at the highest level of quality possible. For that reason, we focus on what we do best while partnering with other businesses to enable us to deliver in other areas within their expertise.